The success of any organisation comes down to the effectiveness of its people.

For over a decade, Elite Mindset has planned, developed and delivered innovative and experiential training programmes within high profile, complex working environments in the Olympic Games.

Covering a wide variety of management and development skills, we partner with Human Resources teams to tailor a programme to suit a company’s staff development needs and organisational culture.

Typically, we like to embed ourselves into an organisation to understand the company culture, the people, what has been done before, business challenges and goals.  We provide bespoke, experiential training experiences to maximise the potential of your personnel.  Our goal is helping you achieve yours.

Courses include:

  • Team Development
  • Effective Communication
  • Customer Service Experience
  • Time Management
  • Managing Stress
  • Leadership
  • Train the Trainer
  • Role Specific Training
  • Project Readiness/Contingency Planning
  • Principles of Success (based on Jack Canfield – The Success Principles)

Contact us for further information on our Corporate Coaching & Training programmes.

As our organisation was going through a major change, Lynn oversaw a training programme which identified and addressed the key challenges that would be faced by the leadership team.  Lynn also worked with the group to develop new skills they would need to thrive in a more hands-on environment.  Her contribution was invaluable to the success of our project, and made a tangible difference to each individual trainee.”

Trevor, London.


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