A personal/professional Coach does not try to ‘fix’ anyone.  Instead – we listen. We ask many questions to gain clarification of the real issues and then use a variety of methods to guide you in making positive choices and changes to achieve the life you aspire to have.

Decades of research in behavioural change demonstrate that when people are accountable to someone else, they are able to make changes and maintain them more easily.  Finding the right Coach to trust and work with is not always that easy.

At Elite Mindset, we work with both organisations and individuals to transform lives by focussing on your values and discerning your goals.  We help you to achieve success but along the way, we need to discover and understand what ‘success’ looks like for you.

The Elite Mindset coaching approach:

    • Personal/Professional Coaching is action and solution orientated.
    • Coaching is not therapy. We may look to your past to see what might be holding you back but Coaching is primarily future and solution based, rather than problem orientated.
    • A Coach is a facilitator, supporting you in your own self-discovery and assisting you to maximise your potential.
    • A Coach helps you to clarify your vision and goals, provides support through any fears, keeps you focussed, confronts your unconscious behaviours and old patterns and helps you to live by your own values.
    • Coaching requires 100% commitment from you, the client, to make the necessary changes.  These changes do not happen overnight. A typical Coach-Client relationship evolves over a number of sessions, sometimes extending up to one year, based on the rate of progress.
    • A Coach equips you with the life skills that you need, provides a sounding board when choices are faced, helps move beyond self-imposed limitations and supports and encourages when challenges arise.
    • A Coach helps you to trust and believe in yourself and your decision.

The first step

Whether you are an organisation or an individual, we offer an initial consultation without obligation which will enable us to discuss and understand your current situation and how coaching may be beneficial and, most importantly, whether we are a good fit for each other.

For the duration of our relationship, our focus will be on supporting you/your business every step of the way – encouraging you to rethink the way you live and work, helping you through any challenges and keeping you focused on your vision.

We inspire and empower individuals by removing the obstacles to achieving their goals and recognising and using their own strengths to do this.

Contact us for an initial discussion or for more information.






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