Lynn – Performance Coach and Trainer 

As a peak performance specialist, Lynn was the driving force behind the planning and delivery of five Olympic Games, two Commonwealth Games and one European Games. Using the same strategies for success that connected enormous visions to simple plans of action, Lynn has the credentials and experience to get clients on the fast track to performance success whilst maintaining work-life balance. As a qualified Coach and a naturally high achieving individual, Lynn helps other powerful professionals unleash their potential and realise their biggest dreams.

As an aspiring motivational leader, Lynn seeks out world-class thought leaders as guides, mentors and trainers including Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Louise Hay and Tony Robbins. Eager to understand the forces that frequently divide groups and individuals, Lynn uses a global consciousness and cultural awareness to solidify and maximize the performance of even the most diverse teams. Using proven strategies that are straight forward yet simple, Lynn uncovers the hidden saboteurs of success. Once these subconscious forces are identified, clients release the brakes and excel both on a person and professional level.

Whether driving an organisation forward or fueling an individual’s growth, Lynn seeks to rediscover the brilliance that is within us all and provide measurable, long-lasting results.

“Mastering our thoughts is the first step on the path to success in life. If you can change your thoughts, you can change your life and to do that you need to discover how to think in an Elite Mindset way.”

Elite Mindset has access to a network of expert associates, personally selected by Lynn, in disciplines ranging from coaching, counselling, energy healing to leadership training.



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